Current IPRH Campus Fellows

The following are the current faculty and graduate student IPRH Campus fellows.

You can learn more about each of these fellows, as well as other IPRH fellows, at the "About" section of the IPRH website.

Faculty Fellows, 2019–20

Claudia Brosseder History
“Redefining Andean Religion: Andean Self-Christianization in the Colonial Norte Chico Region of Peru (Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries)”

Andrew Gaedtke English
“Writing Brains: Disability, Neuroculture, and Personhood”

Eduardo Ledesma Spanish and Portuguese
“Blind Cinema: Visually Impaired Filmmakers and Technologies of Sight”

Ghassan Moussawi Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology
“Disruptive Situations: Fractal Orientalism and Queer Strategies in Beirut”

Ramón Soto-Crespo English
“Hemispheric Trash: Literary Circulation, Decapitalized Fiction, and the White Trash Menace”

Dustin Tahmahkera American Indian Studies
“Becoming Sound: Sonic Quests of Healing in Indian Country”

Nikki Usher Journalism
“The Where of News”

Graduate Student Fellows, 2019–20

Paul Michael Leonardo Atienza Anthropology
“The Promise of Intimacy: Gay Filipino Men on Mobile Digital Media in Manila and Los Angeles”

Katie Bruner Communication
“Seeing Systems: A Rhetorical History of Vision at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1931–1969”

Morgan L. Green History
“This Feeling of Being Together With Your Own: Competing Indigeneities in Late 20th Century Philadelphia”

Amir Habibullah Landscape Architecture
“Islamic Gardens and Cultural Identity in a Globalized World”

Helen Makhdoumian English
“A Map of this Place: Resurgence and Remembering Removal in Armenian, Palestinian, and American Indian/First Nations Literatures”

Diana Sacilowski Slavic Languages and Literatures
“Strategies of Silence: Representations of Jewish Poles in Polish Literature since the 1980s”

Peter Thompson History
“Grasping for the Mask: German Visions of Chemical Modernity, 1915–1938”